Thursday, January 31, 2008

Nokia 6301-New Nokia Phone Models

Those of you not familiar with the latest on Nokia 6301,you will get full information on new nokia phone models nokia 6301.

Have you already planned to attribute your set with the term “back dated” then consider to avail one of the new Nokia phone models like Nokia 6301. Changing your mobile set on a frequent basis has become quite a trend in the communication world. One thing about Nokia is that it has already made a mark in the communication world. While the old Nokia phone models did have some exciting features , with the passage of time the gradual change in the features did take place. This resulted in manufacturing some of the best Nokia phones. One of the most popular Nokia phone set is Nokia 6301. So before you of purchasing Nokia phones you can definitely consider to explore the wide variety of Nokia phones.
You can consider purchasing Nokia 6301 that has a smooth and elegantly designed body. Also the features are extremely user friendly having all the best facilities that can be availed by the customers. The monoblock design with a very sleek elegantly designed back and front is simply breath taking. Owning Nokia 6301 is nothing but owning a piece of art. Nokia 6301 measures about 106.4 mm in length and 43.6mm in width. The thickness measuring to about 13.1 mm and the total weight of the model is 93g. Also you cannot simply afford to miss the UMA design that gives you access to GSM and GRPS mobile services over Wlan. With UMA design, Nokia offers you with invincible coverage with complete mobility coverage, all this at a lucrative price tag.

Some of the key features of Nokia 6301 includes the following:

* The UMA availability definitely offers to the facility to make call from from home, office or other operator spots that are very much affordable and or free.
* Access to fast service with UMA facilities.
* There is a mega pixel camera which is provided with 8x digital zoom and full screen viewfinder.
* FM radio and Stereo MP3 player are two of the other features.
* Streaming of Video 3GPP.

Besides the key features, Nokia 6301 has some music, multimedia and gaming features as well, these are follows:

* Stereo MP3 player and FM radio, both integrated. .
* Application program comprising of Visual radio.
* Playing MP3 music files, Midi, AAC, AAC+, enhanced AAC+, WMA music files.
* News or entertainment made possible with the presence of Video 3GPP streaming
* Macromedia Flash Lite 2.0 option, Nokia Sensor,Nokia Visual radio,3D snake, pre installed Java games and applications.

Take a look at some of the accessories that is being offered with Nokia 6301 model.

* Nokia Connectivity Cable DKE-2: this is one of the mos attractive accessories that connects your compatible Nokia device to the PC, catering to the need of enabling data transfer, also helping in the synchronization of your calender, contacts, notes, to do list, and also many other features.
* Nokia Blue tooth Display Car Kit CK-15W: this has 2.2 '' display with excellent Blue tooth connectivity and audio quality, a great companion for your car.
* Nokia 2 GB micro SD Card MU-37: this particular accessory of Nokia phones provides about 2GB of removal storage and also increases the memory availability for data, which can either music software applications.

It never hurts to be well-informed with the latest on Nokia 6301. Compare what you've learned here to future articles so that you can stay alert to changes in the area of Nokia 6301.

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